Ion Beam Milling

Ion beam milling, or IBM, is a nanoscience technique that prepares surfaces for high resolution imaging and analysis.

It gently removes or alters the sample surface to without causing any structural alterations. It involves the use of either a high-energy or low energy ion gun bombarding the top layer of the sample with Argon ions. This process strips away the material’s amorphous top layer to reveal a pristine, smooth surface underneath.

As such, IBM is an essential preparatory process for scanning electron microscopy.

Ions have a much higher mass than electrons, so an ion beam will directly modify, or mill, a surface you apply it to.

Specialist IBM instruments apply nanometre precision to this milling process to alter surfaces in different ways.

IBM is a suitable process for:

• Scanning electron microscopy, SEM
• Electron backscatter diffraction, EBSD
• Transmission electron microscopy, TEM.

You can apply it to a broad range of materials, including:

• Polymers
• Ceramics
• Metals.
• Rocks

Uni Mill

The UniMill model of Technoorg ion mills has been designed for extremely rapid preparation of high-quality TEM/XTEM samples with unsurpassed high thinning rate. The design of the instrument enables both rapid milling with the ultra-high-energy noble gas ion source and final polishing and cleaning with the patented low-energy ion gun. Easy to use and automated operation Widest energy range on the market (100 eV- 16 keV) Load-lock system for fast sample exchange LN2 or Peltier cooling option Online monitoring and support “Dual function” The wide energy range of the ion sources allows extremely high milling rate and gentle cleaning function…

Gentle Mill

Gentle Mill is a dedicated model with unique design for end-polishing pre-prepared TEM and/or FIB samples. The patented low-energy ion source and the special sample holder help to reach the ultimate quality for any demand. Automated operation Final step for perfect result protective transfer capsule Special adaptor for Hitachi microscopes Online monitoring and support Automated operation The advanced software of Gentle Mill provides fully computer control with a detailed graphical interface. All milling parameters can be stored or pre-programmed in arbitrary number of steps. This fully automated feature of the Gentle Mill allows to produce high-quality samples with minimum user…


The new generation of state-of-the-art ion milling system what meets with the highest demands. Multifunctional device for slope cutting and damage-free surface polishing, offered for SEM and EBSD users. Easy to use and automated operation Widest energy range on the market(100 eV- 16 keV) Unique pre-tilted slop cutting sample holders (30°,45°,90°) Load-lock system for fast sample exchange Liquid nitrogen or Peltier cooling option Easy to use operation The advanced user interface provides optimal operation modes from beginner to expert users. The fully automated, recipe based operation offers almost intervention-free sample preparation. The user has the possibility to create, edit, save…