Bowman XRF – M Series

M-Series advanced Polycapillary system

The M Series is the ultimate in high performance plating testing allowing for the smallest x-ray spot sizes to be used for the smallest of testing points. The poly-capillary optics in the M Series is superior to the one fitted on the O Series, focusing the x-ray beam down to 15μm FWHM. To measure features on that scale, a 150x magnification camera is included in order t get the best magnification of the sample being tested. A second, macro second camera takes a macro-image of the part to be measured, which complements the first hig magnification one. The combination of both cameras allows the operator simultaneously to see the entire part, click the image to zoom in with the high-mag camera, and pinpoint the specific area to be measured.

The high-precision programmable X-Y stage can be used to select and measure multiple points; the pattern recognition software can also do this automatically. There is a 2-D mapping system that can be used to see the topography of a coating over the surface area of a part such as a silicon wafer.

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