The NEX-QC + Quant EZ is a fine addition to the QC range of compact benchtop ED-XRF from RIGAKU. Whilst using the same hardware platform as the NEX-QC+ model, the touch screen interface has been replaced by a Windows based interface. Just as the other NEX-QC’s , then NEX-QC+ Quant EZ is designed to be ultra simple to use, robust and able to operate in harsher production environments than the average ED-XRF. Futhermore, with Windows platform, the user will have access to much more powerful features using the well established SQZ Standardless software from RIGAKU. This software enables accurate screening of totally unknown samples as well as the use of the Matching Library tools to set up even more quantitative applciations, when then availability of certified standards is limited

Summary of Specification:
• Elemental range: Al-U
• Powerful QuantEZ Windows®-based software
• Sample types: powders, oils, liquids, thin films and larger objects
• Large sample chamber: 190*165*60
• 50KV X-Ray tube to get optimum access of heavy metals
• 6 tube filters positions and shutter

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