DigiPREP Digestion Block

DigiPREP Accessories and Consumables

Accessories and consumables include DigiTUBEs and Watchglasses, which are manufactured of ICP MS Grade Polypropylene, tested and approved in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. A complete list of accessories may be found below.



The DigiTUBE are manufactured using high purity polypropylene, analysed and checked for leachable metals contamination by our own ICP-MS. Asa results we guarantee low leachable  metal content, excellent visibility and good acid resistance.

DigiTUBEs come complete with leak free, polyethylene screw caps with no metallic additives. Tubes are graduated, in 5 ml increments, up to the 50 ml graduation mark. The 50 ml graduation mark is certified accurate to ±0.25 ml in accordance with ASTM Class “A” volumetric standards. This reduces and eliminates the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks.

In fact, using a DigiTUBE replaces 5 vessels in the lab (no more need for a digestion beaker, graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, autosampler tube, and storage container). The  DigiTUBEs  will save time and reduce costs.

Why not check out our second generation DigiTUBEs which offer a flatter bottom than previous models providing a more intimate contact with the base of the DigiPREP well. This results in faster sample temperature response times.


In order to get direct control and monitoring of the sample temperature when placed in a DigiTUBE, use a DigiPROBE which is a PFA coated temperature probe . During evaporation or digestion, sample temperature may drift away from the “Target Temperature” of the DigiPREP system without DigiPROBE . DigiPROBE provides direct sample temperature feedback to the controller which can then adjust the temperature of DigiPREP block on a continuous basis and therefore acheive best controlled digestion.


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