Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer

Flame Photometry is the technique of choice for the measurement of sodium, potassium and calcium in all sample types for:

• mineral extraction
• oil industry
• paper industry
• pharmaceuticals
• soil analysis
• utilities
• food and beverage
• chemical manufacture
• fertilisers

Sherwood Scientific’s Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer with digital output (for printer or PC connection), also offers sodium linearization capability to allow higher concentrations of Sodium (<40 ppm) to be directly measured using a single point calibration. This facility can be switched on or off according to the operator’s preference or protocol for sodium determinations.

The Model 410 also has sodium, potassium and calcium specific filters and NIST traceable 1000 ppm standard concentrates for each of those analytes (6 x 100 ml).

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