Model 425 Flame Photometer

The Sherwood Scientific Model 425 Flame Photometer expands upon capability of the Model 420 Flame Photometer with addition of an additional detector and filter for Calcium determination. It also offers the ‘301 mode’ feature which allows connection to a number of the more popular continuous flow systems.

Both the Model 420 Flame Photometer and Model 425 Flame Photometer have RS232 output for printer or computer connection and are compatible with our Model 860 Autosampler for unattended sample analysis.

Both models may be used with the Model 805 Continuous Flow Diluter, again in conjunction with (or without) the Model 860 Autosampler.

We’ve added the option to enhance the capability of our Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometers. These Dual Channel instruments are now supplied with one of our high quality, standalone Model 851 Air Compressors (included in the price of the Flame Photometer). This is a carefully selected, tried and tested Air Compressor which should give many years trouble free operation with your Flame Photometer.

In addition the Model 420 BlueNotessoftware package is supplied with all Dual Channel Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometers. Should the user choose to operate their instrument with this software package, they will soon realise it offers much more than just data handling, with the opportunity to greatly enhance the overall utility of the Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometer.

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