We have two specially designed Air Compressors available for use with Sherwood Scientifics Flame Photometers: the Model 851 and the Model 855.

The Model 855 Air Compressor has a water cooled trap for operation in humid atmospheres. Both compressors provide a dedicated, clean, dry air supply which is vital to achieve stable flame conditions and constant sample delivery – essential for ensuring good precision of results. The correct part number has to be specified when ordering an Air Compressor to ensure compatibility with local electrical operating voltages.

The following Air Compressors are recommended for use with all Sherwood Scientific’s Flame Photometer range i.e. the Model 360, Model 410, Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometers:

M851 Air Compressor 115V – 85101000
M851 Air Compressor 230V – 85101001
M855 Air Compressor 115V – 85501000
M855 Air Compressor 230V – 85501001

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