EA5100 Micro-analyser for C/N/S/Cl

A single analyser for liquid, gaseous, solid and LPG samples

The new multi EA® 5100 provides an all-round solution for the determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and chlorine, but this is only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX or AOX/TOX analyses are further areas easily covered and its supremely flexibility means it can handle solids, liquids, pastes and gases.

The new EA 5100 has a whole host of new improvements over the very successful and popular EA 5000. Here are some of the new developments

  • Unique double furnace technology is now standard to ensure optimum results for any matrix

  • New and improved gas box for even more control
  • New high-performance drier and enhanced process control
  • New titration system for the determination of halogens, and it is also Hg free
  • New design of ozone generator
  • Enhanced N detector with a three-fold improvement means a detection limit of 10 ppb
  • New cooling on the Automatic Boat Drive decreases analysis time by 2 minutes per sample
  • Our HiPerSens detection system combines the highest sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linearity up to the upper end of operation range. So, both high and low element concentrations can be measured in one method. High concentration samples can be analysed directly without dilution
  • Flame Sensor Technology ensures only one method, in the fastest time, with soot-free combustion for the ultimate reproducibility
  • Auto-Protect and the Self-Check System utilise over twenty sensors in the EA 5100 for effective monitoring and protection functions
  • Compliant for a large number of common international and national regulations (ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, UOP, EN, etc.)

Modular principle

Its unique modular principle means that the system can be constructed individually. You can configure your multi EA® 5100 to meet your needs and requirements, thus creating your personal analysis system.

The multi EA® can be used for elemental determinations across a number of industries

  • Petrochemical
  • Natural gas production
  • Mineral oils
  • Chemical and polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foods and beverages
  • Environmental
  • Power stations

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