Glass Jacketed Vessels

SciMed offers a wide variety of glass reactor solutions across numerous industries through its partner Asahi Glasplant who offer innovative products from 300 mL to 400 L. With their ring baffled reactors offering superior heat control solutions for the chemical industry, Asahi continue to strive for technical excellence while pushing the boundaries of glass engineering.

Glass Vessels

Suitably engineered glassware can be used for processes that are carried out at pressures below 10 atmospheres. This limits the pressure to a maximum of 10 bar, but allows the user to clearly see what is happening on the inside of the reactor and therefore minimising possible corrosive and contamination effects from contact with metal surfaces. The vessel volumes range, available from 160ml to 1.5L, come with overhead mechanical stirring. They can be supplied either with an electrical heating mantle or with a jacketed vessel for use with a circulating bath. You can also visit the Parr website for more…