Dramatically Improve Critical Asset Efficiency by Proactive Oil Analysis

In these troubled times, it has never been so important to keep vital production machinery working at maximum efficiency.  Minimising the possibility of the catastrophic failure of a critical asset can be achieved by rapid and regular testing of the oils and other fluids (e.g. hydraulics etc.) that lubricate your production equipment

Early fault detection is critical for mechanical and hydraulic assets

Oil is the lifeblood of your machines, so a full analysis of its chemistry, wear pick-up and contamination products, right there at the point of sampling gives the best, and most practical, advanced warning of asset failure.  Data is available to you in <15 minutes from start to finish, and in your own workshop, allowing you to keep your production lines running.  Failure conditions are flagged way before the asset enters true failure mode (where it is virtually too late to schedule routine maintenance) allowing you to plan the required interventions into your normal maintenance operations.

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Many sites send away samples to an external laboratory where results take 5-10 days to come back. This is typically a random grab sample taken or a cumulative sample. However, this only provide sites with historical data that cannot be used to prevent exceeding consent levels. Worse still, inspectors may come to site from an external agency to take samples and not having knowledge of current discharge levels is a position of weakness.

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