Webinar: The Characterisation of phase change materials by thermal analysis

Thursday 20th May 2021 – 11:00AM lasting 1H maximum

Energy saving has never been more important and Phase Change Materials are  currently finding use in many areas and in particular in the field of thermal energy storage. These materials can be characterised  by thermal analysis technique such as DSC and calorimetry to measure and characterise properties such as temperature and heat of transitions, thermal stability and heat capacity. In this webinar we will show thermal analysis techniques and the data they can provide to characterise PCM materials and also show how high temperature and high pressures studies can aid development of these important materials.


Who should attend?

Chemists, engineers, laboratory researchers, and anyone interested in finding out more about the characterisation and applications of phase change materials

What will be presented?

  • What is PCM?
    • Introduction to PCM
  • What makes a good PCM?
  • Comparative characterisation by conventional and 3D DSC
  • Why heat capacity is important and how to measure it in PCM?
  • Why test PCM under high pressure and high temperature?
    • Study of PCM’s under high pressure and high temperature

Interested and thinking of attending?

The seminar will be held online. Each talk will be run a an individual webinar with a separate invitation.


To attend please fill out the registration form by clicking the link below, choose the topics you want to attend and an online invitation will be sent for each one. There will be a short break between each talk to allow a quick refill of your mug!