Webinar Series: Analysis, Testing and process solutions for the FOOD, FEED and BEVERAGE Industries

Thursday 27th May 2021 – Online


SciMed are once again holding their popular one-day seminar on techniques for the food, feed and beverage industries.  But this time it will be online! This free to attend event includes a number of technical talks with technical experts your current and future analytical and process requirements.

The program will include the following talks:

  • 10:00 – Food for Thought – The added value to your business that Near Infrared (NIR) analysis brings
  • 11:00 – Testing feeds, premixes and silage by XRF as an alternative to AAS
  • 12:00 Applications of Calorimetry in food research
  • 14:00 – Product Showcase: a series of short product presentations:
        • Hand Held NIR
        • Flame Photometers
        • XRF overview of applications
        • Combustion analysers for C, N, S and halogens in food
        • Determination of Fat, Oils and Grease in waste water
        • Novel approach for microwave digestion
        • Supercritical CO2 applications for the exctrations of flavours and essential oils
  • 15:00:AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS – elemental analysis in the food industry
  • 16:00: Rheology in the food Industry

Abstracts for the talks:

Rheology in the food industry: Rheology involves the study of the mechanical properties of foods and how they flow or deform under different conditions– pouring, chewing, cold storage, over time, an many more. This webinar will explore rheological measurements performed in the food industry such as:

  • Simple single point viscosity measurements for a fast batch release in production
  • Flow curve or yield point measurements in the Quality Control laboratory
  • Rheological investigations for the development of new formulations in the research and development department

Testing animal feed premixes, finished feeds and silage using XRF as an alternative to ICP and AAS: In recent years EDXRF has been increasingly accepted as a rapid method for analysing premix, finished feeds and silage without the need for complicated sample preparation and has a low use of consumables.  Concentrations from ppm to percent levels can be determined in a single measurement.

Applications of Calorimetry in food research: Thermal Analysis (DSC, TGA, Calorimetry) allows the study of physical and chemical effects related to temperature changes that occur during the normal food processing cycle and can assist in many areas of food research, processing and production including analysis of raw food, oils, fats, carbohydrates, dairy products, and proteins. In this webinar we will show examples of thermal analysis techniques covering these areas of food research, and present data showing  the results of such analytical studies that can help aid  process understanding in the  food industry.

AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS – elemental analysis in the food industry: Abstract: From Farm to Fork – it is vital to know the elemental content of foods and beverages as we are so dependent on a specific tolerance range of a large number of metals. In this presentation we will discuss key application areas, explore which elements are important to analyse and show a range of techniques that can help your lab get the best results.

We will also have a live presentation of the ContrAA 880 D AAS with its unique continuum light source and 3D software mapping.

Food for Thought – The added value to your business that Near Infrared analysis brings: NIR technology is not new to the food industry. However recent development in technology opens up new and exciting possibilities to use NIR to improve production and quality of food & beverages. We will look at the range of MicroNIR systems from Viavi and how they can be implemented to improve quality, gain confidence and develop new products. We will investigate the chemometric models available and how easily they can be implement into the offline and online situations. Our focus will be on classificatio

n models for Raw Material Identification (RMID), quantitative models for real-time concentration calculation and trend monitoring using process analytics.

Interested and thinking of attending?

The seminar will be held online. Each talk will be run a an individual webinar with a separate invitation.

To attend please fill out the registration form below, choose the topics you want to attend and an online invitation will be sent for each one. There will be a short break between each talk to allow a short refill of your mug.


If you would like some specific information on any of the above or  some more details on the talks please email Nina Rose direct on enquiries@scimed.co.uk or contact us via the office on 0161 442 9963.