Hand Held Raman Spectroscopy

The new generation of spectroscopic analysers provides convenient, flexible handheld capability for lab-standard analysis of a wide range of materials.

Raman spectroscopy is a branch of laser spectroscopy, named after its inventor, the Indian scientist CV Raman, who discovered that when light is beamed onto a molecule, it gives it a small amount of energy. This causes the light to change wavelength, acting as a fingerprint for identifying the molecule.

Pioneering product development in handheld spectroscopic analysers has made Raman spectroscopy more flexible, portable and adaptable.

Using powerful 1064nm laser technology, the Progeny range of Rigaku Raman devices is customisable and easy to integrate into a broad range of work environments.

The expanded capability of these devices enables them to identify coloured substances and to penetrate packaging to analyse what is behind.

This extends the potential uses of Progeny spectroscopic analysers beyond traditional medical and academic applications. They are playing a prominent role in pharmaceutical for raw material identification & security field-work for the detection of hazardous materials.

Raman Progeny – The new generation of material identification using 1064nm laser source

The Progeny system is a new platform for Rigaku Raman. It is the first handheld Raman analyzer that can be customized for seamless integration into any work environment. Lab-quality analysis of the widest range of solids, powders, liquids, and other substances can now be performed to ensure consumer safety on all sites. 1064 nm laser for superior Raman performance At Progeny’s core is an advanced miniature VPG-based 1064 nm optical engine offering benchtop quality analytical performance in a rugged, ergonomic and IP-68 sealed enclosure. Progeny’s fully customisable workflow software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and boasts a smartphone inspired…