Flow Cell Reactors for Larger Volume Processing

The UP200S device can run continuously – 24 hours/7 days, if needed. By using the laboratory devices in combination with flow cell reactors, you can process larger sample volumes. In this case, the liquid is pumped into the reactor made of glass or stainless steel. For example, a UP400S (400 watts) can process approximately 10 to 50 litres per hour. There it is exposed to defined intense sonication before it reaches the exit of the reactor cell. In order to cool heat-sensitive material during sonication, the flow cells are jacketed to improve heat dissipation.











Built for Industry:
Equipment requirements change when you take processes from the research lab to production level. Processing volumes rise, processing costs matter and processing quality becomes a key target. Other factors, such as equipment reliability or energy efficiency, may become important too.

Hielscher industrial ultrasonic devices are powerful, efficient and reliable. They are built to operate continuously at high load in industrial environments up to 16kW per device. Power requirement rises with the volume or flow to be processed and although the laboratory devices are capable of handling up to one ton per day, this may not be sufficient for production processes.

Hielscher is the leading ultrasonics supplier for industrial liquid processing applications. Applications include:

• the dispersing and milling of pigments in paints or inks
• formulation of high performance coatings with nanomaterials
• manufacturing of biodiesel
• the pasteurization of food or beverages.

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