The Hielscher Range

SciMed offers the entire Hielscher range. The range can be split into two categories:

• Laboratory devices
• Industrial devices

The Laboratory devices range from small handheld systems for mixing and homogenizing small volumes of liquid up to larger stand and clamp-held devices which can process a flow of up to 50 litres per hour.

The Industrial devices are tailored more towards small scale production devices for personal bio-fuel production, to large industrial scale for production scales up to 2000 L per hour.










Designed for the Lab:

Compact and extremely versatile, they can be used for the processing of a variety of organic and inorganic materials in a wide range of volumes. Typical applications of ultrasonic homogenizers include sample preparation, disintegrating and cell lysis, homogenizing, dispersing and disaggregation, particle size reduction and the acceleration of chemical reactions (sonochemistry).

Fig 3. UP400S and UP200H devices.

They are very simple to setup. The handheld and stand mounted devices combine generator (power supply) and transducer (converter) in a single housing. This saves desktop space and weight. Hielscher is the only manufacturer of handheld ultrasonic processors. The only plug to be connected is the main power plug, that fits into standard 230V outlet. The operation of the ultrasonic homogenizers is very simple. The devices are tuned to the optimal resonant frequency automatically, so there is no need for manual adjustments. The ultrasonic amplitude is adjustable from 20 through 100%. Alternatively to the continuous operation a cycle of intense sonication bursts can be a adjusted, e.g. for the sonication of heat-sensitive tissue.

You can also visit the Hielscher website for more product details by clicking their logo below:

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