Coating Thickness Measurement

SciMed offers a complete range of XRF solutions for plating thickness in partnership with Bowman XRF (USA).
Bowman’s wide range of testers guarantees a perfect price/performance solution for any plating thickness requirements.

SciMed boasts a dedicated UK based team of field support engineers as well as technical specialists, ensuring fast, efficient and reliable support ON SITE.

Bowman XRF (formerly known as CMI) is based near Chicago, operates worldwide and dedicates its business towards the design and manufacture of purpose built plating thickness XRF solutions.

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Bowman XRF Series overview

Comprehensive range of coating Thickness Gauges – read the overview here

Bowman XRF – B Series

The B Series is the entry level coating thickness gauge using a top-down measurement configuration that Bowman offers.

Bowman XRF – G Series

The G Series is the latest and most compact range of XRF analyser from Bowman

Bowman XRF – L Series

The L Series is the most flexible instrument that Bowman offers in terms of sample size. It offers the same testing performance as the P Series with a larger sample chamber and greater X-Y stage travel. For samples larger than ~12 inches in any direction, the L Series is the perfect solution. The large sample stage and travel allows for both large parts, or large sample fixtures holding multiple parts, to be measured.

Bowman XRF – M Series

The M Series is the ultimate in high performance plating testing allowing for the smallest x-ray spot sizes to be used for the smallest of testing points. The poly-capillary optics in the M Series is superior to the one fitted on the O Series, focusing the x-ray beam down to 15μm FWHM.

Bowman XRF – O Series

The O Series is the first model in the high performance range from Bowman combining high performance with a small x-ray spot size. The O-series introduce poly-capillary optics system rather then usina collimator assemble. The optics focus the x-rays coming from the tube exit window to a very small spot size (80μm FWHM) while retaining virtually 100% of the tube flux.

Bowman XRF – P Series

The P series XRF is a flexible analyser capable of measuring a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, and quantities. It includes high precision programmable X-Y stage . Operators can use the mouse and software interface to move to desired measurement locations easily. Multi-point programs can be created to automatically measure multiple sample locations with the click of a button.