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hello As all of our equipment is used by researchers and all research is different, at SciMed, we take the view that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. In partnership with Parr Instrument Company, we are able to tailor the equipment to your needs using catalogue items as a starting point. The tailored change may be something as small as the addition of an extra valve, through to the construction of a full interrogated pressure system with numerous vessels, ancillaries and full DCS control. This can be achieved in the following way:

What does the customer need?

In the initial consultation stage, SciMed and the appropriate sales engineers at Parr work with you to outline the exact requirements for the specified processes, enabling a quotation to be generated. If key issues need pre-order clarification, we can consult with you to produce some proposal drawings to ensure that the solution is valid and we may also carry out further checks with you to optimise the success of the proposed solution. For example, we can check that your existing probe will physically fit through the vessel head or that a special vessel rating can be obtained.

Layout drawings prepared

Once the order is placed, the design engineers will use CAD software so that we can lay out the apparatus prior to a piece of metal being cut. This file can be sent to you as an e-drawing for you to examine for final approval. This e-drawing can be rotated, made transparent or examined from within so that the final layout can be fully understood. When the apparatus arrives at your chosen location, you will already know exactly what it is going to look like.

Controlling the system

When a full DCS style control system is used, we employ our 4871 process controller. This is based on the Honeywell HC-900 Hybrid controller for the logic control and Specview SCADA software for the front end control. The beauty of the 4871 controller is that we can easily add ancillary equipment such as MFCs, valves and pumps to the system with minimal time required to setup a new piece of equipment thus keeping costs down. We also keep the controller and SCADA configuration files ‘open source’, enabling the customer to modify the software later on as their requirements change.

Manufacture, assembly and testing

Once the finalised CAD drawings are converted to machine code, the items are manufactured in our machine shop. These parts, along with the purchased components, are then assembled by our technicians before the software engineers fully test the completed system to ensure that the vessel control works correctly and that the system is gas tight. All of this design and manufacture occurs under the tight control of Parr’s quality management procedures ensuring that both ISO-9001 and PED requirements are fully maintained.

Installation and commissioning

Once the system is delivered to your site, we will visit to set the equipment up, ensure that it is working correctly and train users of the equipment.

When you need a laboratory scale pressure vessel system, you are not restricted to what you see in our catalogue. If you can think it, we probably have already done it.

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