Multi N/C® Total Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Analyzers

The Multi N/C® range of TOC and TNb analyzers from Analytik Jena deliver robust, high performance results on an easy to use, low maintenance platform.

Technology Highlights
• Industry leading, high performance TOC for all applications.
• No kits required for difficult high saline samples making the system easy to use.
• Direct injection variable volume autosampler injects only the amount of sample required. Inject small volumes for concentrated samples or complex matrices or large volumes for enhanced sensitivity.
• 10 year NDIR detector warranty
• Sensitivity down to 2ppb, upper range of 30,000ppm without dilution.
• Automatic sample preparation, sparging and acidification
• Dedicated UK service support team.

Suitable for TOC, TIC, NPOC, COD, DOC, POC, TNb determination.
Available in high temperature catalytic combustion and UV/persulphate oxidation formats.
21 CFR 11 compliant software for the pharmaceutical industry.
The multi N/C® offers the optimum Total Organic Carbon solution for every application including:

• drinking water
• waste water
• pharmaceutical water
• cleaning validation
• power plant water
• semiconductor water
• soils and sludges

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