The EasyPREP BOD-200 and EasyPREP  BOD-300 offer the capability to conduct dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement for the calculation of BOD and cBOD analysis. Analyzing cBOD in conjunction with BOD verifies if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and obtains results more reflective of real effluent quality when under nitrifying conditions. The BOD-200 and BOD-300 can be fitted with an Optical or a Membrane Probe. The Optical Probe requires no membrane maintenance or electrolyte re-filling and is characterized by its stable response and minimal drift. The BOD-300 also automates capping and decapping of BOD bottles.

Full Process Automation provides unattended operation for:-

  • Automated Seed Addition
  • Automated Inhibitor Addition
  • Automated Sample Dilution
  • Automated Sample Homogenization
  • Automated Data Acquisition, Calculation and Storage

Additional Features:

  • Optimize laboratory management by opting for 5, 7 or 20-day incubation periods
  • Accommodates 300ml, 165ml or 60ml glass reusable bottles or 300ml disposable bottles
  • Barcoding option provides sample, bottle and rack tracking throughout the process
  • Auto wash station prevents cross-contamination
  • User-friendly software, LIMS compatible
  • Compliant with laboratory standards: ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1, EN-1899-2, EN-5814 (2012), EPA 405.1 Standard Method 5210B

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