DigiPREP High Temperature

DigiPREP High Temperature Digestion Blocks

DigiPREP High Temperature Digestion Blocks

 DigiPREP HT  High Temperature Digestion Systems incorporate several state-of-the-art design features in an affordable package. It is available in four models ranging from 10 to 40 positions. DigiPREP HT comes complete with a dual zone tube rack, Teflon® exhaust manifold, and Teflon® tube adapters.  DigiPREP HT systems have a temperature range from ambient to 450°C. DigiPREP HT is constructed with Telfon® manifold exhaust system, which eliminates breakage that is typical with glass manifolds. The manifolds Teflon® tube adaptors float in each digestion tube eliminating sample loss while removing fumes resulting from the digestion process. Teflon manifold® is used in conjunction…

digiprep controllers

DigiPREP HT Controllers

DigiPREP HT blocks offer a number of control choices to match your laboratory requirements.   Keypad Controller Operates with all DigiPREP HT blocks and is typically used if samples are easy to digest and require one temperature set-point. Automatic shutdown procedure at the end of the time programme. Can be used in combination with DigiSET for evaporation methods.   Colour Touch Screen with USB Provides temperature control for DigiPREP HT heating system Colour monitor with real time graphing of heating sequence 12 Storable methods Each method provides 3 programmable levels of “Time to Temperature” and “Time at Temperature” Temperature Set…

DigiPREP Digestion Block

DigiPREP HT Accessories and Consumables

There are several accessories for DigiPREP HT blocks such as:  calibrated and uncalibrated 100 ml and 250 ml digestion tubes; glass ball condensers; and insert racks. You can also visit the SCP Science website for more product details by clicking on their logo below: Contact Us ENQUIRE CALL US LIVE CHAT * Live chat opening hours Mon – Fri 9:15 to 16:30 (UK Time)