DigiPREP Block Digestion Systems

DigiPREP systems are ideal for any digestion or heating method which for temperatures up to 180°C. Teflon® coated graphite block resists aggressive, corrosive attack for a guaranteed long life. All Systems operate with a user friendly KeyPad or Color Touch Screen Controller

DigiPREP Digestion Block

DigiPREP Digestion Block

The DigiPREP sample digestion systems are a family of products consisting of a controller and choice digestion block sizes.   DigiPREP controller – keypad Displays block or sample temperature Displays time remaining in sequence Utilises safety measures to prevent failure Timer with shut off option Temperature set point   DigiPREP controller – touchscreen Stores up to 12 methods with up to 6 programmeable steps in each Graphical representation of heating profile in real-time. Built in safety messages and calibratrion parameters   DigiPREP Blocks DigiPREP LS DigiPREP MS DigiPREP Jr. DigiPREP Mini Tube Volume Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity 15ml   108…

digiprep controllers

DigiPREP Controllers

DigiPREP blocks offer a number of control choices to match your laboratory requirements.   Keypad Controller Operates with all DigiPREP blocks and is typically used if samples are easy to digest and require one temperature set-point. Automatic shutdown procedure at the end of the time programme. Can be used in combination with DigiSET for evaporation methods.   Colour Touch Screen with USB Provides temperature control for DigiPREP heating system Colour monitor with real time graphing of heating sequence 12 Storable methods Each method provides 3 programmable levels of “Time to Temperature” and “Time at Temperature” Temperature Set Point and Readability…

DigiPREP Digestion Block

DigiPREP Accessories and Consumables

Accessories and consumables include DigiTUBEs and Watchglasses, which are manufactured of ICP MS Grade Polypropylene, tested and approved in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. A complete list of accessories may be found below.   DigiTUBE: The DigiTUBE are manufactured using high purity polypropylene, analysed and checked for leachable metals contamination by our own ICP-MS. Asa results we guarantee low leachable  metal content, excellent visibility and good acid resistance. DigiTUBEs come complete with leak free, polyethylene screw caps with no metallic additives. Tubes are graduated, in 5 ml increments, up to the 50 ml graduation mark. The 50 ml graduation mark is…